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About Us

OZworks Group is a private online network where OZ-aligned individuals connect with resources specific to their Opportunity Zone strategies. Our purpose is to build sustainable and scalable communities that align with Opportunity Zones.

At OZworks Group, we provide cultivated access to Opportunity Zone (OZ) resources and expertise through collaborative communities (both online and in Qualified Opportunity Zones) — so that OZ capital can catalyze impact in the communities that need it most.

In the video below Christina Lopez talks about the importance the community is playing in expanding her personal network while launching her OZ strategy in a scaleable and sustainable way.


Why Join Us?

OZworks Group is a community centered around Opportunity Zone execution, where every client and resource you ever needed was vetted and delivered directly to you – all you have to do is participate. At OZworks Group, all members are connected, and each individual acts as both a receiver and a resource. This online network personally connects you with all of the qualified resources you’ll need to execute your OZ projects. As an OZworks Group member, you’ll access exclusive opportunities to engage in private and/or group education, training, and coaching delivered by established Opportunity Zone thought leaders. Our network is cultivated by trained facilitators who will get to know your project and connect you with operators, managers, investors, developers, grant writers, and more.

In the video below, OZworks Group member Andrew talks about being introduced to resources that got his Opportunity Zone project back on track within the first week of joining the OZworks Group community!


Create success with an OZworks Group Membership

As a member of OZworks Group you’ll have access to a group of specialists with decades of collective knowledge. These experts have been assembled into our single, facilitated virtual network for you to easily access and gain the support you need for maximizing your Opportunity Zone potential.An important part of the OZworks Group member experience is gaining access to our expert facilitators, known as Connectors. Connectors conduct group meetings and coaching sessions. They use years of business acumen , expert leadership skills and passion for mentoring to support your Opportunity Zone project in reaching it’s full potential so you can achieve success in ways that takes years to accomplish alone. At OZworks Group we have hand – picked an elite group of ac complished Opportunity Zone experts who help investors, developers, and municipalities execute Opportunity Zone projects at the highest level.

Below, check out a video with Mark (a CPA and Opportunity Zone service provider) who connected with new clients within days of becoming a member of OZworks Group.


OZworks Group offers a variety of membership perks that include:

  • Direct introductions to experts who can support your specific OZ strategies and projects
  • Live (online), weekly, peer support group sessions
  • Access to exclusive (online) courses, materials, and webinars
  • Online content from (and connectivity to) our trusted national network of OZ investors, developers, and businesses
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly support and guidance for your OZ projects and strategies

The OZworks Group Online Platform

The OZworks Group community is centered around YOU (the member) and is comprised of the following roles:

Members  – Individuals engaged in OZs who pay a monthly membership to access the community and its resources.

Experts  – Industry professionals who are invited based on OZ-specific expertise to participate in the platform to support members.

Connectors  – Individuals who are trained by OZworks Group to seek and facilitate strategic connections between participants of the network.

Sponsors  – Highly vetted industry groups and/or individuals who provide products or services that our community has requested. They pay a monthly engagement fee to generate visibility for those products and/or services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I sign up?

Becoming a member is easy! When you sign up as a member you will create a profile and be contacted shortly by our team to set up your initial intake interview. During those group interviews we get to know you and your project and then guarantee to introduce you to resources you need within 2 days of that session.

Will I get my specific questions about compliance, taxation and law answered? 

Yes! We will direct you to experts within our platform who can answer your specific questions. We also host panelist events where you can ask your questions in live, interactive, online formats.

What do I get when I become a member? 

You’ll get unlimited, 24/7 access to our online community platform. This includes all of our weekly and monthly members only events, complimentary video courses, opportunities to pitch your OZ strategies to other members and get direct connections to people and resources who can help get your OZ strategy completed faster!

How much does it cost? 

You can become a monthly member for $49.99 per month with no long-term commitments. We also offer group membership rates and educational / non-profit pricing.

Who can use my membership? 

This is a personal and individual membership. We make sure all of our processes and services cater specifically to you. We offer group and referral discounts if you would like other members of your team to participate (please inquire for more information about these options).

Can I pitch my QOF and/or QOZB to other members? 

Absolutely! Our goal is to get your OZ strategy moving faster and part of that momentum is generated by promoting you so that you can be more visible for capital investment! You can post your pitch deck on the platform and/or pitch live at a live event, it’s all included in your membership.

Who is on the platform?

Our membership is growing on a weekly basis and all of the individuals in the platform are like you, SERIOUS about launching scalable and sustainable OZ strategies and projects. Approximately 20% of our members are service providers who can help answer your questions and fulfill your OZ logistics, ~40% of our members are investors who have capital to deploy, and the other ~40% are companies and individuals raising funds. We find this is a perfect mix of peers who can support you, collaborators who can work with you to grow, and experts who can help you execute the technicalities you need to get your OZ strategy launched faster!

Rachel Reilly is a member of OZworks Group and talks in the video below about the importance the community is playing in expanding her personal network as well as helping to advance the national OZ ecosystem.


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